Will There Be Charlotte Season Release Date

Will There Be Charlotte Season Release Date:  Fans have been waiting for the official announcement of Charlotte season 2 release dates. There is official announcement from the P.A. Works who has developed the Charlotte Anime series. Let me tell you this anime is a Comedy Drama Supernatural series. The story is based on school pupil containing the supernatural powers that got them due to a comet. I have described clearly in about the summary of Charlotte in this article that gives you brief on it. It has gathered fans interest by using its totally different script. Season 1 was a good hit and has ended with many unsolved questions. It is time to get the Charlotte Season 2 on air and everyone is waiting for an official announcement.

Will There Be Charlotte Season Release Date

The Anime series is developed by PA Works corporation and was written by Jun Maeda. It was then directed by Asai Yoshiyuki and debuted its first season on 4th July 2015. Charlotte has been broadcasted in diffenret languages which include Japanese, USA, Australia and more. Tokyo Mx was to broadcast fit for first and then on TUT, GYT, TVK. Later it got the license form Aniplex USA to get it broadcast in United States. Fans can even find this series in Crunchyroll, Hulu and other online video services. The video streaming company of Australia Madam Entertainment has got rights to broadcast it in Australia, New Zealand.

Charlotte Season 2 Release Date 2017:

Official announcement for the launch of Charlotte Season 2 is yet to be made. The PA works or director has not given any signs of upcoming season. The only thing which fans have hopes is based on unsolved questions. When the Charlotte season 1 needed in its last season it gave plenty of questions. Also it kept the fans in dilemma that what is exactly going to be happened. PA works mat be busy with making a good script to renew the Charlotte series. It is absolutely sure that Charlotte season 2 will be made but it will sometime.

It has been a year after the end of Charlotte Season 1 so it might be a reason for late. It may take time to renew the season 2 and get back with good script. It is good to wait for the official announcement on release of Charlotte next season.  The PA Works has responsibility to answer every unsolved question in season 1 and they will do it as soon as possible.

Will there be Charlotte Season 2:

Once a comet named as Charlotte has passed earth and spread dust over it. Whoever has inhaled this dust got some supernatural powers. This is main concept of anime series on which the story is being laid. Students who have got the abilities make a committee to secure their mates with ill-wishers.

Will There Be Charlotte Season Release Date
  • You Otosaka have got the power to control others
  • Nao has got the power to get invisible
  • Jojiri Takajo has power to get unlimited speed and more

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Ill-wisher has made an attempt to kidnap Nao and Kumagami which was successful. This attempt was to exchange you and use its powers but in this attempt Kumagami got dead. You were seriously injured and once he recovered he made his mind to steal the abilities of others. This attempt was to secure them from ill-wishers which started making him bad in public.  He started to travel around world and seize other powers which made his personality to lose.

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