The Silver Guardian Season 2 Release Date Announced 2018

The Silver Guardian Season 2 Release Date Announced 2018: The Silver Guardian next season is successfully launched in January 2018, as it was announced earlier. It was in 12th episode of season 1, studio has announced for The Silver Guardian Season 2 Release date. Anime official site has got more details about the new season, which is open for everyone. There is no delay in the release as most time we face a long time waiting for our favorite shows. Fans of The Silver Guardian can go to official site of Anime and know about episodes more. This popular anime is also known as Gin no Guardian in Japanese.

The Silver Guardian Season 2 Release Date Announced 2018

The Silver Guardian is an adaptation from Yin Zhi Shou Mu Ren Chinese web comic series. Anime was a great hit in Japan and was released in major televisions. The English subtitles of The Silver Guardian were given by Crunchyroll which made it easy for western audience. Funimation took the license and released The Silver Guardian Anime in English dub. This made anime to release in worldwide gaming much popularity and also by adding more fans in list. It is now clear that we have The Silver Guardian Season 2 scheduled for 2018 and the details about the episodes are available in official site. So fans can go through them and stream it.

The Silver Guardian Season 2 Plot:

The lead of the anime is Riku Suigin who is an pro level gamer and his better half or so called heroine is Riku Rei. She is the most beautiful and cutest girl in the school and love to play games. Once Suigin has received a device on her way which allowed Suigin to play game online through net. Game is named as Grave Buster from Rei, but in sudden Rei gets kidnapped. So there was something wrong with the game as Rei first took this game in hand and has been disappeared. Suigin was clear that it was this Grave Buster who took Rei inside it and she now decided to outbreak this game.

The Silver Guardian Season 2 Release Date Announced 2018

As Rei is now scheduled in world of game where battle between tomb protectors and tomb raiders is seen. The Bango Tomb known to be mother goddess of tomb which is been for 1000 years and thus this two opponents fight to protect and destroy it. Rei is now in this battle and Suigin is putting her mind to get rei out soon. As so long time in Game will hurt her and it may lead to a life death scenario. Now in The Silver Guardian Season 2 the battle between Protector and Raiders will be seen, making a good entry of Suigin in it. Let’s see how the things work out and dies Rei comes out of game safely or not.

Release Date for the Silver Guardian Season 2:

As per the commitment the Studio has released the Silver Guardian Season 2. Now it is time to follow up with the episodes of anime and stream in online. Anime is making good audience and is now available in all major television of Japan. Later will then be taken by Crunchyroll and Funimation to make it dub in English & release in North America.

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It is good news for The Silver Guardian Anime fans as its season 2 is now scheduled. Now The Silver Guardian Season 2 is announced and the further details about next season will be made at the end of 12th episodes. Will update the latest news about the The Silver Guardian anime once we get any official confirmation. Also find the list of other popular anime from our site.

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