Shirobako Season 2 Release Date Latest Updates

Shirobako Season 2 Release Date Latest Updates: We see anime in a fun and light manner all the time but this time Shirobako anime will shed lights over jobs and personal life. This anime is about 5 high school friends who promise to pursue their dream jobs in the future as well. The show will focus on all the 5 main character and their dreams which will tell us about their characters as well. At the same time the show will focus on how many hardships and struggle the 5 girls have to meet in order to gain their ream jobs at last.

Shirobako Season 2 Release Date Latest Updates

So I have watched the first season which was pretty much cute and at the same time I found it very interesting because characters were well made. This reason is alone enough for me to think about the season 2 because the story is still untold and I guess making Shirobako season 2 is the best option as well.

Shirobako Season 2 Story, News, Characters and More 2018

Well if you have seen the first season then you might know that this anime takes place between 5 high school friends. Well all these friends are best friends for life and they keep in touch even after their graduation as well. So after a gap of 2 and half years the duo of Aoi Miyamori and Ema Yasuhara finds their desired job at an animation company by the name Musashino. Other friends include Shizuka Sakaki who wants to be great voice actresses but cannot do much with her talent.

Shirobako Season 2 Release Date Latest Updates

At the same time Misa Toudou finds herself a job in Car Company and Midori Imai is still a university student who wants to be a story writer in future. Every one of the friends wants to do their dream job as they promised but they find it hard because of life struggles and in the hustle of living their life as well. But every episode of season 1 made the characters even better and at the end we see that Aoi and Ema have done great with their jobs. But we do not see much about the other character and what will happen in their future as well.

So if the Shirobako season 2 is made then the story will concentrate about the life of every main character and what they do in future as well. So I am very much interested to see what will happen because not everyone of the main character got their dream filled to the highest. So the second season would bring more light to their lives and how their carriers will be made as well.

Shirobako Season 2 Release Date News and More

Well during the period of summer 2017 some news were rumored that Shirobako season 2 has been confirmed which was later proved to be false.  So now the main thing which you might be wondering is whether Shirobako season 2 is going to be released or not. Well the question is legit but at the same time we find it really hard to say because no confirmation has been made regarding the season 2. At the end of the season 1 the story ended with good terms but I believe that season 2 can be made.

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The reason is we still have more than few volumes left which might not be enough for second season but if 1 or 2 volumes are released by then. Then it is possible to say that Shirobako season 2 anime might be released in 2018 ending if the studio takes the project seriously. At the same time the season 2 will only contain 12 or 13 episodes since there is not enough source material for 24 episodes show.


Thanks for reading this post about the Shirobako season 2 release date along with the anime story, characters and more. I am sure that P.A. Works studio is already planning to make the second season but let us wait till they announce it properly.

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