Seven Deadly Sins Season 2 Release Date 2018

Nanatsu no Taizai Imashime no Fukkatsu 2018: Seven Deadly Sins: Revival of the commandments is the English title given to the seven deadly sins season 2. We all know that this anime has millions of fans that are waiting for the new season to be released.  The season 1 of seven deadly sins was received with great reviews because this story was unheard of and the animation made it pretty awesome to watch.

I have divided this article about the Seven deadly sins season 2 into three different parts from which we will discuss about story, release date, streaming options and final words as well. After reading this post you will know more news and information about the seven deadly sins season 2 and what more can be expected from it.

Seven Deadly Sins Season 2 Release Date 2018

Seven Deadly Sins: Revival of the commandments Story and Plot Details

Let me begin with the story of season 1 where we are told the story of seven deadly sins, a group powerful enough to crush an army. Now in the beginning the sins were told to have rebelled against the kingdom and they are now estranged as well. The princess of the kingdom finds the captain of the seven deadly sins and with his help she sets onto save the kingdom from the holy knights. The Captain of Sins helps the princess to save the kingdom from Holy Knights. But this was all that happened in the season 1 but we are yet to see what happens in season 2.

We see at the end of season 1 that Elizabeth and Meliodas along with other deadly sins go on a journey to find the last of the seven deadly sins. But this is far from what is going to happen because a new enemy is on the run. Someone strong and powerful enough to beat Meliodas is out there and the team is running towards them. The seven deadly sins season 2 will be about this new enemy who will be unveiled very soon.

What Is The Seven Deadly Sins Season 2 Release Date 2018 And Streaming Options

Seven deadly sins anime show is adapted from the manga of the same name and has earned huge fan base across the globe. So it was normal that this show will have another season, which is going to be released in 2018. The Seven deadly sins season 2 release date is set on January 13, 2018 which is not far to be precise. The season 1 was aired for 24 episodes and the season 2 episode count has not been decided yet. But as far as I know this new season will have at least 12 episodes if not then 24 episodes as well. It is great news because the show will start to air from next month only, buy we will update the episode list very soon as well. But if you are wondering how we can stream this series online then you can choose between Netflix and Crunchyroll. These streaming services will release the episodes only after the original air date.


So the seven deadly sins season 2 will be back soon in the upcoming year 2018 which is great news for all fans. This new anime will hold new characters that will make this second season amazing to watch and the story will be great as well. Mark the calendars because your favorite show will be back with a new season on January 2018.

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