Download PS4 Remote Play For iPhone/iPad iOS 10.2.2

PS4 Remote Play For iPhone: Now that Remote play app has been released for not just Android but also for desktop platform like Windows and Mac. But the main thing is there are iPhone users who want to play PS4 games on their devices as well. But well you can use some casting app but it would not work much better indeed to be frank. So you might want to install PS4 remote play for iPhone device, but as a matter of fact his app has not been released yet. But they have released a different version of PlayStation app which is more of a PS network app, where we can edit our profile, check gamer tag, take party in forums as well.

The only difference between both the apps it that the one for iPhone does not allow you to play games which are not a big deal because we can do more than just gaming. You can interact with other players who are online, check out game status and share your scores with others as well.

Well the app you might be looking for might not have been released yet and it is true that the PlayStation 4 remote play has been released only for Sony Xperia mobile devices. On the other hand we have the PlayStation app for IOS platform which allows user to do different chores and stuff just from their iPhone easily. Well it might not let you play all high end console games on your iPhone but at least you can check who is online and also check on different settings right from your iPhone device.

Download PS4 Remote Play For iPhone/iPad iOS 10.2.2

PlayStation App Features and How to Use it

Now that you have got this app installed on your iPhone device you might also want to know how to use it to interact with others players and all. So first go to the account section under which click on login and you will have to enter your PSN account details. Once the details are filled well, you can click on login to continue using your account normally.

Under the settings section for your account you can check your username which is your PSN username that is show on every game you play. You can also check which if your friends are online so that you might get a chance to go on and switch on your PS to play the games your friends are online at.

Find out how to download PlayStation App For iPhone/iPad IOS 2017

So now as you already know about the PlayStation app which gives you the whole PS4 console experience right on your iPhone device. Well let me guide you through the process on how you can download PlayStation app for iPhone in the below steps.

Download PS4 Remote Play For iPhone
  • Now the first step is to open your iPhone device and then open App store
  • After that search for the app “Playstation App” and then click on enter
  • Next click on Install button then the app will now start to install
  • Now wait for sometime as the app now begin to finish installation process
  • Finally we have now installed PS4 app on our iPhone device officially!

Well this is how you can simply install the PlayStation app on your iPhone or iPad device, plus you also have to login with your PSN account to begin the console experience.


It might be hard for some to imagine that PS4 remote play for iPhone has not been released yet but don’t worry because we have the PlayStation app to fill the blanks. This app is more of a PS4 remote play without the gaming experience indeed, as we can tune our avatar and do more than simple settings.

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