Overlord Season 3 Release Date 2018 Confirmed

Overlord Season 3 Release Date 2018 Confirmed: Hope that fans will be getting the season 3 of Overlord very soon. We have been working to get important information from the sources and there are must to be read content here. One thing is quiet clear now that Overlord Light Novel Series and Overlord Manga has got bunch of content available for season 3. Let us go in details about this in below description and before that will give a glance at the Overlord Season 3 Plot. Kugane Maryama looks to be happy with the release of season 2 as he thanked fans in very good manner. Yep he was busy since 2015 and got his Overlord Season 2 released last year.

Overlord Season 3 Release Date 2018 Confirmed

Being busy with other assignments he now started to work on Overlord Anime and Isekai Story. The popularity of season 2 has got the Overlord Book Series of Light Novel to huge boost. Blu-Ray and DVD of Overlord Anime has gone up to 12k sales and thus it clearly gave the boost of series. Then madhouse took anime as priority and started working of it after leaving in 2015. Season 2 was a single court season rather having a length two cour seasons. The final episodes of Overlord Season 2 will end on 3rd April 2018. The premier of Overlord Season 3 Release Date is summer 2018.

Overlord Season 3 Fall Winter 2018 Announced:

Naoyuki Itou the madhouse director has said that the gap between the Season 2 13th episodes and Overlord season 3 first episodes will take time to cover. As the Lizard man heroes and King fore-estize conflict need to be covered here. The happier news is the Overlord Season 3 will happen soon, rather taking time as season 2. The season 1 was made on first 3 books and then second season was happened to cover 4th to 6th book. Now we have 9th edition of Light novel which has ended giving a good stop. The season 3 will cover next three volumes which will also cover the single cour making 13 episodes.

Overlord Season 3 Release Date 2018 Confirmed

The fate of Overlord has been decided by the Blu-Ray sales and it is now clear that anime will be prolonged to season 3. The volumes of Overlord Light novel will be available or creator till June 2018 as they need to officially released in market. Thus only then work on season 3 will start and will on air at end of 2018. Since the season 2 was released in January first week and it might hardly take a year to come back with next season. Let’s hope that production make it sooner as the content is fully available and it is just in hands of creators.

The Plot of Overlord Season 3:

Anime has got quite good story of an online game which has to be shut down at once. The Lead character Momonga was alone who didn’t logout of the games and then was moved into the games. He was then changed as a skeleton getting the powers of powerful wizard. World looks to change and non-player started feeling the emotions and have left alone in society. Momonga has hard to take up the new world where no parents, friend and society to listen him.

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As discussed above the story will be more interesting and may be the end in season 3. Thus keep updated form our article on Overlord Season 3 Release Date, as we working hard to get the latest update son anime. Keep patience thus season 3 will be made and will be on air very soon, as it will be the last season for Anime as per current updates.

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