Overlord II Anime Release Date, Story, News 2018

Overlord Season 2 Release Date 2018: The popular virtual reality game Yggdrasil is coming to an end and the captain of Dark guild Momonga wants to play for the last few minutes. But he is stuck in the gaming world even after the shut down time has passed by and has no idea how to find a way out. He starts his journey to find what caused this situation and needs to find a way out.  We have also discussed this article before on our site here. But not much details were addressed at that time which made us to write another article about this anime.

I have been a huge fan of anime with online gaming concept where the main character is stuck in the gaming world and has to fight to survive. Overlord season 1 was released in 2015 summer and received raving reviews which made the season 2 possible. Well fans were already pumped up with the content and animation of season 1 which brought them great joy. And again with the news of Overlord season 2 release date this show came into spotlight once again. So we are going to learn more about this new season which is said to be having new characters, plot and details as well.

Overlord II Anime Release Date, Story, News 2018

What’s New in Overlord II 2018 – Story, Characters and Plot Details?

We all know that season 1 did not end properly because the main character was still in the gaming world. He came to know how powerful the Dark guild captain is because he faced angels and enemies but was victorious. He started to wander from city to city and learn more as to why someone decided to hold the game. Now in the second season we are going to learn more of his arch enemies through new character design which were released online.  The season 2 plot is all about fighting new enemies to become the strongest character in the whole game and rule this new world.

Where to Stream Overlord 2 Anime Online? – Overlord Season 2 Release Date?

Overlord season 2 has been announced a while ago but we are not sure about the air date in particular to be precise. What I mean is Overlord II anime is scheduled for January 2018 but exact date is not yet released. This show is listed along with the other winter anime shows and we know that it will run for at least three months. The recent season 1 which was released during 2015 had 13 episodes and was a part of summer anime shows. But we are expecting that this show will have 13 episodes for the second season as well as season 1 had 13 episodes as well.

Now as far as the streaming options are concerned not many options are available because release date has not been confirmed. But it is sure that Crunchyroll will be the priority streaming site where we can find the season 2 to stream.

Final Words:

If you are a fan of anime with online gaming story line then this show will make you go crazy because it has both amazing plot and animation as well. We are into the second season of Overlord anime which is one of the most anticipated shows of winter 2018. In this article you have known about this show plot details, release date about the Overlord season 2 anime.

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