Neill Blomkamp District 9 Sequel

Neill Blomkamp District 9 Sequel: It is now eight years done form the release of District 9. The South African director Neill Blomkamp has bought the real starts out from Africa for the every first time. It was unexpected to make a hit movie that was nominated for Academy Awards. District 9 was nominated as Best Picture and was chosen as best picture of year 2009. The Sci-fi classic movie made a good debut with tremendous hit all over the world. As the movie ended there were talks about the release of District 10. District 9 ended with few complicated questions which were to be answered in its sequel. But years passed and there is no sight of any sequel from Blomkamp.

Neill Blomkamp District 9 Sequel

Rather the director Blomkamp has moved towards Elyslum and Chapple movies. Also the Allen sequel which was paused came side by Ridley upcoming Allen: Convenant. In District 9 Blomkamp bought many lead characters that were never seen in film industry. Actor Sharlto Copley who was new on sight was acting in film on Blomkamp.

District 9 Sequel Will is made?

While talking with the Copley about will Blomkamp and you are planning for the second film. The reply from Copley was “We have assorted and complex calls about topic”. He also added about the email form Blomkamp which states for getting ready to work.  So it is clear that it depends on the Copley to start the sequel of District 9. But the actor is busy with his comedy thriller Free Fire which might be busy schedule.

Neill Blomkamp District 9 Sequel

The director has clearly stated earlier that there was no plan for the sequel of District 9. The movie started as its single and at the end thoughts came out. The script which was written has been modified till end and that bought sight of District 10. Peter Jackson being the producer under whose production Company WIngNut Films the District 9 was released. The Jackson also had no idea to come again with the sequel.  The office of Blomkamp and the Peter work space was at the same place but they dint talk any about the sequel. Director also stated that it was he who said about District 9 sequel but not Jackson.

Will the Neill Blomkamp District 9 Sequel made:

The District 9 was small budget movie with $30 million starting new actors. Movie recouped its figure alone from United States opening weekend. It has made a total of $210 million around the world. This made the District 9 to enter in the world box office. Also got nominated for four academy awards as a best motion picture. Being nominated for Oscar yet it has not won any. District 9 was an impressive feat sci-fi film featuring new movie start form south Africa. Many say that if Avatar had not made its entry then District 9 was biggest hit. Tentatively the sequel of District 9 was named as District 10.

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The final talks between the Copley and the Blomkamp will give hopes about District 9 sequel. There are hopes for the sequel if the actor makes his time free. It is confirm that if the sequel is made it will be a grand hit with impressive story.

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