Megalo Box Season 2 Release Date Breaking News Rumors

Megalo Box Season 2 Release Date Breaking News Rumors: Guys today we are going to talk about Megalo Box Anime series which is heading to its next season very soon. Yes you heard me right guys the most awaited second season from Megalo Box Anime will be released soon.  Let me get you in details about the series once getting from its scratch. Megalo Box is also known as Megaro Bokusu anime TV series which was released as to mark the 50th Anniversary of Anista no Joe Manga series. TMS entertainment has taken privilege to release this amazing into Anime series.  If you go back in history TMS was the one who created Ashita no Joe Anime in 1980.

Megalo Box Season 2 Release Date

This has been done under direction of Yo Moriyama who was helped with screenwriter Katsuhil and Kensaku. Best part of any anime comes with its music and sound production, Megalo Box Anime music was given by Hip Hop Artist Mabanua.  We know that if an anime is released is Japan then it is by default need to be get in North America and make its English Dub. Crunchyroll production has taken this privilege to get Megalo Box Anime to world as its English dub.  If you haven’t been to Megalo Box Anime season 1 yet then go and have a screen to stream all 13 sides of season 1.

The plot of Megalo Box Season 2:

It is common that we hardly remember the plot and it happens that we forget story line of anime. So before going to stream the series we have got you Megalo Box Season 2 Plot. Anime is all about two diffenret kind of people living at shore of city. One set of people who are licensed and rich seen to be living outskirt s of city and there is slum beside it where second category of people live. Megalo Boxing is very well known sport in this world, unlike other games here boxer wear metal frame and there attach get stronger. Junk Dog is seen in this fighting who is supported by his coach Ganske Nanbu.

Megalo Box Season 2 Release Date

Junk dog was guided when to win or lose y his coach and this was his routine to win money form illegal fights. One day he hit Megalonia tournament Head Yukiko SHirato the wealthily group member. Our hero Junk has read fight Yukiko bodyguard Yuri. Yuri meets Junk in underground ring where he easily beats the less experienced one. Yuri tells Junk to fight in Megaloni where he needs top place in official Megalo box. He also need a proper ID to enter the first place and then Nanbu helps him to gets an ID under name of Joe.. They were then given 3 months time to get into the megalonia and fight for the first place with the fake ID’s made. Let’s see how our hero Junk Dog in Megalo Box Anime wills successes and get to top position.

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We all know that Megalo Box Anime was released very recently and thus it light take a year or more to get its season 2 on air. iT is confirmed that Megalo Box Season 2 will be made, as Manga is getting written. We will post you updated with most recently news from Megalo Box Anime in the same article.

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