Koi to Uso (Loves and Lies) Season 2 Release Date Rumors & Latest News

Koi to Uso (Loves and Lies) Season 2 Release Date Rumors & Latest News: I hope that we haven’t gone to any anime which might have touched our hearts. If so, then Koi to Uso (Loves and Lies) Anime is one of them. It is piece work of Takuno Seiki Director who has started the animes television in 2017. The story of teenagers with love and affection has gone to hits in world. we will talk about the upcoming Koi to Uso (Loves and Lies) season 2 that might be released this year. Not to worry as till the end of this article you will get news on Koi to Uso (Loves and Lies) Season 2 Release Date and its future.

Koi to Uso (Loves and Lies) Season 2

It was question from all that weather will Koi to Uso (Loves and Lies) Season 2 be made or it’s an end to Anime Season 2. We will conclude on this by looking at the Koi to Uso (Loves and Lies) Season 1 and also the rating it has got from various Anime Sites. The Manga adaption anime has got enough chapters available for its future season as per Manga updates. Also it is known that Anime has got god reviews and also broke few records.  Looking at this we can conclude that Koi to Uso (Loves and Lies) Season 2 Will be Released in September 2018. Just be on with us and we will update you latest news on Anime further.

The plot of Koi to Uso (Loves and Lies) Season 2:

Anime is all about the love, relation and the gathering of family for future. It is known that in past parents have decided the future of kids. They have found the work for them, love for them and also with whom your marriage to be done. Children’s don’t know what is best for their future and parents always protect them from unseasonal things. Also we know that divorce in those days were almost none when compared with present situating. So in year 2100 government of all countries has come up with the overpopulation on planet.


Based on scientist repot most of inhabitants on earth are absolutely waste and they are useless. Then Japan government has come with proposal to control the marriage in country.  A move has started which allow girl and boy from 16 years to make a coupe, so that a best child may grow. It was started to allow the order of government even in some condition candidates may not agree.  Our anime hero Yukare is now ready to meet his sixteen birthday and he is kind of a lonely depend person. He is in love with girl and decided her to be his bride.

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As it is known that one who disobey the law were given strict punishment and our hero Yukare has left only few more days to get this dream come true. After this 16th birthday he will be forced to make couple which will be final. Koi to Uso (Loves and Lies) Season 2 Plot the story after his birthday and likely getting his lover as bride will be continued.  Also the deciliter is he might face in untrue will be shown in season 2.


The primer date of Koi to Uso (Loves and Lies) Season 2 will be September 2018; we will keep the article updated with lets news once we have found one. So stay updated with us and keno more about their trending animes series in world.

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