iPhone Alarm Clock Not Working on iOS 11

iPhone Alarm Clock Not Working on iOS 11 : I have been using an iPhone for so long that I am so much used to it and I use it to set my daily alarms as well. To be precise millions of you do the same because we all want to get up early in the morning to do chores, exercise and many more things. But this issue had me mad for so much time that I stopped using iPhone alarm clock. Well the problem we are discussing is that alarm clock does not work properly and we cannot get up.

iPhone Alarm Clock Not Working on iOS 11

So if you use an iPhone device then you might have experienced this situation that you have set the alarm clock for next day. But the clock will snooze in vibration mode but does not make any sound which kind of knocks our plans to wake up early down.

On the other hand many users have complained this issue that even if they set the alarm clock on maximum volume, they cannot hear anything. Another issue related to alarm clock is pretty common which many of you might have seen is the clock will show black screen.  I have posted some self tested methods which will surely be of great help to solve this issue.

Method 1 – Set Alarm Clock Sound First

Well I have seen many of my friends forget to set the alarm clock volume at first and they later complain that the clock does not ring. Well most of the times it does ring and make sound but you might have set the alarm tone to “None” which creates no sound.

So first open your device then go to the alarm clock widget and then set the sound to one of your selected ones from the available one. This will surely solve your issue if the alarm clock does not make any sound even if the alarm time is over.

Method 2 – Pitch Up Ringer Volume

On the side of the iPhone we can find two volume buttons out of which one of the buttons is ringer volume option. You can use the specific button to increase the ringer volume that gives sound for notifications and alarm clock as well. So always make sure ringer volume is maximum in order to hear the alarm clock making sound.

iPhone Alarm Clock Not Working on iOS 11

Method 3 – Check For Any OS Updates

Well in most of the cases the reason why we see black screen on iPhone alarm clock is due to uninstalled OS updates. If the OS is not updated then it gives errors such as black screen and the alarm clock widget might crash as well.

I advise you to check for any latest released OS updates which you might have not installed and this may be the cause of the issue. So open your device and then go to the settings option and click on general from there. Click on software update button, check for any upgrades available and if there are any install them.

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Final Words:

Well once you are done reading the above instructions you will find that you can now use your alarm clock to get up early. I hope that you have found our article about the iPhone alarm clock does not work properly useful and if you still face any certain issues then we will help by answering them as well.

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