How to Install Kodi on roku

How to Install Kodi on roku: Kodi is one best application for streaming any TV contents you want to watch. As everyone likes to watch the free content a and it is possible by using roku app. It allows you to stream movies, music, songs in different languages. Theses software is trusted that you can connect to your TV or to any device and can enjoy watching movies, music, songs and also can play new games. It provides you the best and the latest content which is available. There are more than 200 channels which roku supports. It supports the entire smart phone like android, iDevice and many other devices. It runs on the virus platforms such as Linux, Operating System X, Windows, IOS and android devices. It has the capability of 10 foot uses interface to utilize with TV and remote controls.

How to Install Kodi on roku

By using kodi user can enjoy watching videos at high HD quality and podcast as well as various digital media files from the local network to internet effectively. You can also games it provides you the best games with stunning Graphics.

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There are many interesting features of kodi which allows you to steam movies, music, games, videos, pictures and more from your device.

How to Install Kodi on roku
  • You can stream anything movies, movies, games, pictures, videos nod any more
  • And the thing you have watched that can be added to your favorite playlist
  • It supports every movie format and presents the movie in a HD clarity
  • Can watch TV shows without missing a single episode and available in different languages
  • You can easily import pictures into library and can view it in slideshow
  • It supports more than200 channels and bring the best contents out
  • Navigation part is so easy that anyone use it.

How to Use Kodi on Your TV via Roku:

Follow the steps and get the Kodi on Roku in quick manner and expense it in your Home TV.

How to Install Kodi on roku
  • Firstly make sure that Android or iOS or Windows device is connoted to same network as like Roku
  • Then download Kodi for Android form its offal page
  • You can find the Apk in the Google or Google Play Store
  • Go to settings and then turn on screen Miring form Roku
  • Settings> System> Screen Mirroring and select Enable
  • Now go back to your device and then start mirroring Android plus Roku
  • Go to Smart view or AllShare Cast which is depend on device features
  • Then select the Display and select the Roku to mirror
  • Now turn on Kodi App and start streaming your stuff on Roku

You have now successfully connected to the Kodi on Roku by using this steps and you can stream all your favorite shows on big screen.


If you have any queer then you ask me in comment box as the process may be new for many and also unknown. Make sure you follow steps correctly and then conch the Kodi on Roku to start streaming. You need to have same Wi-Fi enabled for both the device to go ahead or else this mirroring will not work.

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