How to Fix Error 961 in Android Play Store

How to Fix Error 961 in Android Play Store: Android is huge platform with thousands of Apps and games in it which has error’s in long list too. But it was found that recently the Error code 961 is being seen in many devices in Android Play Store. So today we are here to solve this issue and fix error 961in Android Play Store. This error is being seen when someone is trying to install, Update or when they try to buy an application. The application may be free or paid but this error code 961 is seen to intrepid their process.  The major devices affected with the Error 961 are Gionee, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Micromax and more.

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How to Fix Error 961 in Android Play Store

So try to find out how to fix Error 961 in Android Play Store when you’re buying or installing the Application in your device.  It may become hard when you buy an application and in the middle you receive Error 961 code once the truncation is made. So it is important to fix this error as soon as you see its symptoms. Below are the methods which will let you solve the Error 961 code in Android Smartphone. Once you have applied this methods it is sure that your device will be free from this error.

How to Solve Error 961 in Android Play Store:

There are two diffenret methods mentioned below that will help you to fix the Error 961 in Android Play store and will allow you to install or update apps without issue. First apply the first method and then try to go with the next once.

Method 1: Clean Cache and Data:

In this method we will clean the cache and data from the Android play store and will try to re-login with your details.

How to Fix Error 961 in Android Play Store
  • Switch on your device and go to Application
  • Find the settings and then click on Apps menu
  • Here search for Google Play Store App and find it
  • Open the App and view the Clear Data and Clear Cache option
  • Before cleaning this, you need to click FORCE Stop option
  • Then CLEAN CACHE and CLEAN DATA by clicking on respective button
  • No launch the App Store and login with your Gmail Credential
  • Ten try to install or update the App or game which you’re trying

This Error 961 code will be fixed with these steps if not you can go with below given process.

Method 2: Re-install the Android Play store:

If the above method has not supported and the Error 961 code in Android Play Store is still in your device then follow below given steps.

How to Fix Error 961 in Android Play Store
  • In this process you need to follow the above given method first
  • Once the CACHE and DATA has been deleted close the appellation
  • Now go to Google and find the latest Android Play Store App
  • Click on it and then try to update the Play Store in your device
  • Once you have updated this App try to update and install App

Now the Error 961 code will fix and your Android Device will not remove any such error.

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I hope that the error code 961 in Android play store has been fixed and you’re able to install the Application without any issue. If you still face any error to install or update or buy application, please let us know in comment box. Also share this Error 961 Fixed Article with others to fix their issue in their Android smart phones.


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