Death Note Season 2 Release Date Spoilers, Breaking News

Death Note Season 2 Release Date Spoilers, Breaking News: Continuation of most awaiting amazing Anime series will be getting this year as per current rumors from official sources. Death Note Season 2 will be released very soon and thus in this article we will update you with all latest information about the season 2.  It started from Tsugumi Ohab a writing the Manga series and was illustrated by Takeshi Obata. Story is all about the Light Yagami a High school boy who is now stumbling in other world’s notebook: Death Note. Death Note belongs to Shiniami Ryuk, also has power to kill anyone who he knows. Anime will forest about how the powers of Death Note are taken wrong in hands to rule world.

Death Note Season 2 Release Date Spoilers

A New chapter called L the detective starts his effort to search for him and end his reign of terror. Hope Death Note Season 2 will be continued form exactly where it was stopped in Season 1 last episodes by giving more clues about future. It was first released in December 2003 in monthly shonen jump magazine. It was in 2006 when Anime Television series for Death Note was release and it ran till June 2007. The total 37 episode animes was directed by Tetsuro and was published by Madhouse. There is long list of releases made on name of Death Note Anime series.

The Plot of Death Note Season 2:

Anime will feature a power which is taken b wrong hands to acquire world with their terror. The main characters called Light Yagami is scene in the world where he struggles to get information about death Note. Death Note is one such belongs to Shiniami Ryuk which has power to kill or destroy anyone whom he see. SO there is no way out to get protected from Death Note, and thus light is on his way to find how the crime can be stopped.  The L Detective who is seen in putting his efforts just to find the real hand behind Death Note.

Death Note Season 2 Release Date Spoilers

He has now discarded to stop the terror form Death Note and bring piece in world. Death Note Season 2 will also features same plot and thus it might add some new characters that might bring some goodness in your story.

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Death Note Season 2 Release Date Announced:

Viz media has official license of Death Note to release it in North America and also many videos games released on same. The very first episodes form Death Note was available in IGN for North America before Viz Media got its license.  Also YTV Bionix anime block in Canada, Adult Swim in US which is followed by DVD release. Since past years it has been running in different platform and now it is the time to get the Death Note Season 2 with most recent story.

Just keep awaited to get the latest news on Death Note Season 2 Release Date, as it is now one trending news wanted by everyone. We will update same article with updated news, if there is any announcement from official sources.

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