Clockwork Planet Season 2 Release Date, Plot 2018 Online

Clockwork Planet Season 2 Anime: So Clockwork Planet anime was released in 2017 and it created a huge buzz since it was one of the top anime airing during that time. Well the story of this anime is something different where the MC meets female automation and they fight evil guys in the process of saving the world. I really enjoyed this show because the characters were well built, funny and story was different from the routine anime shows. So if you are looking for a sci-fi anime show with fantasy world in it then this anime is made perfectly for you.

Clockwork Planet Season 2 Release Date, Plot 2018 Online

Clockwork Planet season 1 was released during spring season of 2017 year and the show was received well though it has 6.58 rating on MAL. But if you want to have fun and watch something that is filled with comedy, fights and mecha then this anime is great to go with. So the first season has already ended but now we are wondering that will there be another season. If you ask me then I would love to watch another season because the show made it look really great with all the character in it and the story was amazing as well.

Clockwork Planet Season 2 Anime Release Date 2018 Online

Clockwork Planet season 2 is announced will be released in 2019 only and the reason is pretty simple because the first season ended in 2017. And the Production studio Xebec is well known for releasing second season following a gap of 1 year. On the other hand the studio has to create the whole new season which will take 1 year from script to animation and release online as well. But one thing is certain that the season 1 DVD sales were good enough for the second season to be made. We all know the rule that if the first season DVD sales are good then the second season is sure to be confirmed and released as well.

Clockwork Planet Season 2 Release Dates
Clockwork Planet Season 2 Release Date, Plot 2018 Online

The light novel from which the first season was adapted used only the first few volumes and there are enough volumes left for the second season of Clockwork Planet to be made. So when it comes to the story and plot we can rest assured because the show has enough content and Manga material to be made. At the same time with the left volumes we can easily predict that the second season will have 12 episodes similar to the first season. But not much information has been released about the release date or air date even for the TV release of the anime. But we will update this article with much information as soon as more news is released about the Clockwork Planet season 2.

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Well one thing is confirmed that the Clockwork Planet season 2 is going to be renewed very soon but we have to wait for official announcement for some time. But the second season is sure to be announced and it will have 12 episodes which will feature a new female automation that will be the main point for the second season. We would like to know about your views on this anime and what do you think should happen in the second season.

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