Citrus Season 2 Release Date Confirmed Latest News

Citrus Season 2 Release Date Confirmed Latest News: There is good news for Citrus Anime Fans, as the official website has related a recent update on Citrus Season 2. Citrus anime is an adaption from saburouta’s Citrus Yuri Manga. The official website of anime has stated that it wills premier Citrus Season 2 on AT-X.  Anime is directed by Takeo takahashi who has also directed MAOYU, Hinako Note and Socie & Wolf.  Passione studio will be releasing the season 2 as like it done with season 1 by giving a good production unit. Naoki Hayaki will look at the script and Izuro Ijuuin will be having hand on designing character. Infinite will be producing the series and Lantis will produce music.

Citrus Season 2 Release Date Confirmed Latest News

In overseas Seven Seas has took the official license to get the Anime released in North America. Seven Season studio will look at English dub of Citrus anime and thus it will be responsible for overseas release.

The Plot of Citrus Season 2:

It would be great if you look at plot of Citrus anime, which has successful done its season 1 on air. Story is in high school were our lead character Yuzuko Aihara is going her studies on her interest. She has interest on fashion and love to have time with friend. She always beloved in having fun and thus now time comes for her reality. Her mom got re-marriage and she was moved to another girl’s school which was externally strict. This is where her real life starts and she has no more good friends in this school. Everyone started being her enemies and a student called Mei has got face of with her. She being student council present has broken out with Yuzuko.

Citrus Season 2 Release Date Confirmed Latest News

That was fine in school and when the dejected Yuzu comes home and find Mei in home. Mei was actually her step sister and she came here to leave with her. At all of a sudden Mei hugs Yuzu and give a good hug with passionate kiss. What does this actually mean, are this girls going to be a good friends now? Let’s find out what will be happing next in Citrus Season 2. Interesting will they continue they enemies in school or will make out for good bond. Stay tuned with our site as we share latest updates news on Citrus Anime.

Citrus Season 2 release Date Confirmed:

It’s true that Citrus Anime might have taken long time to give update on season 2, but it was frankly expected. Keeping the history aside and now we have latest updates on Citrus Season 2 that it will be going to on air in fall 2018. Information is form official sources that the creator had started to work on Anime Season 2. Moreover director looks free and production gained the inserted to start work. Lets us now hope that Anime will be back with good script such that audience make it popular. Presently the compensation has grown an Audience ignore any anime which has got poor story line.

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I can conclude that Citrus Anime Season 2 Release Date Will Premier on 2018, thus wait for official confirmation on exact release date. Don’t worry about it as we have our team working on it and once an update is found, we will update same here. So bookmark our site and till then look at other popular Anime and updates.

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