Akagami no Shirayukihime Season 3 Release Date

Akagami no Shirayukihime Season 3 Release Date: Snow white is a character we all know from our bed time stories and today I have an anime with a main character just like her. We are talking about the Japanese version of Snow White which is Snow white with the red hair anime show. If you love to watch anime shows which have fantasy, love, romance and great drama then this anime is made perfectly for you to watch. In this article we will be learning about what happened in the first two seasons of the anime. But the main discussion is about the third season release date which is what every anime fan is waiting for.

Akagami no Shirayukihime Season 3 Release Date

If you have seen the Snow White movie then this anime might resemble a lot but it just resembles the main character alone. The story and the characters around the Main character are lot different and I find it really enjoyable to watch as well. So are you bored to watch the same old action and rom com anime then this show is the best option for you. Well Snow white with the red hair anime is about a girl who runs away from her own country from the hands of an evil prince only to be saved by a prince of the neighboring country. We will discuss the anime plot from season 1 and 2 below but before that let me point out the reason why I advise you to watch this show.

Snow White with the Red Hair Season 3 Anime Plot, Characters – Find out What Happens in Akagami no Shirayukihime Season 3

Akagami no Shirayukihime anime is about the young herbalist Shirayuki who has long red hair that was really beautiful to look at. She has a very good character like the one with a pure heart and the people around her shop loves and likes to talk with her in a friendly manner. The Country of Tanbarun is where she lives and run her small herbal shop because she loves to deal with medicine and help other people. But one day the evil prince of the country who is said to be a naughty and bad person finds Shirayuki and then he is determined to marry and make her his concubine. But the thought of marrying someone as him makes our snow white, Shirayuki run away from her own kingdom and she cuts her long hair in order to not be caught by guards over the country. The evil prince Raji puts a hunt on her but while running through the forest she finds the prince of the neighboring country who rescues her.

Akagami no Shirayukihime Season 3 Release Date

She is rescued by the Prince Zen Wistalia along with his two friends and in order to pay the debt of saving her life she decides to be an herbalist at his palace. This is how the friendship and relationship between Prince Zen and SHirayuki starts which later turns into love which they both acknowledge. In the first season of the anime we see that she runs away from her own kingdom, and then she is rescued and then she becomes a herbalist at Prince Zen Wistalia court. During the first season we see that they have become close but not so much due to their personal duties to help the kingdom grow. But they try to help each other as much as possible to show their affection for each other.

Then during the second season of the anime the Crown Prince and Prince Raji of neighboring country wants to form a pact of friendship. So for this reason Shirayuki is sent to the country where she fled from and has to live their 7 days to form friendly pact with other country. But in this season a new kind is introduced who creates a lot of mischief but Prince Zen comes to rescue Shirayuki once again. So the Akagami no Shirayukihime Season 3 story will take a good turn because we will see romance and marriage between the main characters. Crown Prince might take hands at his own to defeat Prince Zen and break his relation which might happen in the third season. But this show always ends well from the first season onwards and this makes me believe that the third season will end with the main characters forming a couple.

Snow White with the Red Hair Season 3 Release Date 2018- Akagami no Shirayukihime Season 3 Air Date, Episode Count

Akagami no Shirayukihime is confirmed for sure because the anime has sold more than enough DVD and Online Blu-Ray sales. This show is also rated as one of the best anime shows of all the time, which gives it a positive point. At the same time the show has been released for 2 seasons now which did well on Television with good ratings and the sales were great as well. So the third season is confirmed but it is not yet announced when the show might be released. It can also be true that the show is already under production because season 2 ended in 2016 and they have been preparing the show for the third season from mid of 2017. So it might take some period of time before the third season is released and we have to wait till then.

At the same time the show has enough Manga and source material which can be used to create the season three easily. But some fans are worried that since the show was first discussed to have only 1 season with 24 episodes but later it was turned into two seasons. But this is not an issue since this show has good amount of content and stories which can be enough for creating 12 episodes in season 3.

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Final Words:

I have a lot to say about this anime but the way first two seasons were released with such awesome story and sweet characters I truly believe that there should be a season three. After considering all the main points we find that the Akagami no Shirayukihime Season 3 may be scheduled to release in 2019 or during summer or 2019. So it will take some time before the show is returned for the third season but after a year we can watch this show online. Well we will keep on updating this post about the Akagami no Shirayukihime Season 3 release date and plot details as well.

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