Accel World Season 2 Anime Release Date, Story 2018

Accel World Season 2 Anime: Well let me begin with the good news that the director of Accel World hinted that they are in the process of producing the season 2. Though no news have been released regarding the story or plot that are going to be taken from manga series. But the producers have contacted few production companies which are busy with other series at this time. So once the work is done with other series it is for sure that anime fans would get the good news that Accel World season 2 is under production. All this news was issued a year back in 2016 and this year December, 2017 might already be the production time for the time. And one more reason why second season was delayed is because a film was released in 2016 from the same franchise with the name Infinite Burst.

You might have already read the light novel with the same name because it became highly popular in no time. This anime is adapted from the light novel with the name Accel World which has received numerous awards and has a huge fan base across the world.

Accel World Season 2 Anime Release Date, Story 2018

News about Accel World 2 Anime Characters, Story 2018

Accel World anime season 1 received great reviews not just for the animation but also for storyline. At the same time this anime was on high demand till most of the episodes but when the ending was released. Fans were upset because the anime ending was weak and did not match the best of light novel main story arc. Well if you don’t know about this issue then let me tell you that main story arc had a different ending from the anime series. But fans and critics thought that it might be the reason why there wasn’t a second season till 2015. But during 2015 it was announced that a new movie in the franchise will be released in 2016. The movie received good response because fans were eagerly waiting for something since the season 1. And the release of Accel World: Infinite Burst movie was something every fan was waiting for almost 3 years.

During the promotion and release of Infinite Burst in 2016 it was announced by the director of the series that the anime might get a new season. Well he did not clearly tell if there will be one more season of this anime but his world can be linked to the production of season 2. It might be that the season 2 story is decided but the production companies are not ready to take the task since they are busy with other anime series on the work. And the main part of this article is to know what is going to happen in the second season. As you already know from the season 1 that we did not come to know the main objective of Brain Burst game. And at the same time we do not know who created the game in the first place and why users have to gain points and all. But in the Accel World season 2 we are going to learn about all the information from the creator of Brain Burst game to why it was created.

Let me tell you some more good news that I have read the Manga for most of the volumes of this series and I can say that all the main characters will be in the second season. But they might also include a new transfer student and the creator of the Brain Burst game in the anime series somehow.

Accel World Season 2 Release Date Along with Episode List

Accel World season 1 consisted of 24 episodes that used the first 4 volumes of the total of 8 volumes from the light novel. So there is enough material for second season and it will contain 24 episodes same as that of season 1. But about the release date no update is present but we are guessing that it might be released in 2018 for sure.

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