3-Gatsu No Lion Season 3 Release Date Breaking News

3-Gatsu No Lion Season 3 Release Date Breaking News: Continuation of the 3-Gatsu No Lion Anime series is on track for 2018 fall. Anime was an adaption from Manga series with same name and was directed by Simbo Akyuki. Possibly the anime will be making its season 3 entry in October 2018, as its previous series also got released in same month. In this article we bring you the details about the 3-Gatsu No Lion Season 3 which is in under preparation. Making a two season hit the anime is on its way for third season, which describes the popularity of it’s with audience.

3-Gatsu No Lion Season 3 Release Date Breaking News

Hope that you have heard about the life of Ray who s trying to get it better. Director has given his best in this anime so that it was capable of bringing up with next season too. At the start it was not that haply taken by the audience but later the anime made a great response. The plot is so unique that it will definitely get you involved and even will teach you importance of life. So get this as a motivational anime series and get to know more about Ray in 3-Gatsu No Lion Season 3.

The Plot of 3-Gatsu No Lion Season 3:

Our anime characters are Rey Koriyama who is a 17 years old boy started to be alone. She has decided not to be with her parents and leave the home to stay an independent life.  Boy started to earn by himself under source of professional fame in shoghi. He is a lonely born boy who has capacity to do anything but was hurt of emotional being an adult. He was haunted by teenage problems daily and his relation with foster family where not that good. Rey also had bad set of relation with his classmates. Also at the same time it had happened that Rey got his professional problem arose.

3-Gatsu No Lion Season 3 Release Date Breaking News

Ray has got three sister called Momo, Hinata and Akari who lived their life happily unlike him. They greet him as a close one and allow him to be their family whenever he reaches them. He was afraid f going to them so quickly and also the care. This has taught him a lot of lesson which his fall and rise has been shown. It was the time when he has lost his whole family in a car accident and then these three friends called sisters helped him. He was treated very well in his friends by but being a self owned person he was trying to get money.

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His three sisters were adult and responsible Akari, Quite a tiny Momo and then Full of teenage Hinata. They have even got difficulties is in their life but they cross them without much thinking. Ray started to feel this and began to change himself. In the 3-Gatsu No Lion Season 3 we will see the growth of Ray as an individual who has done with bad days. Let’s see when 3-Gatsu No Lion Season 3 Release date be announced and we will get scope of season 3 story.


As discussed it is clear that 3-Gatsu No Lion Season 3 has got much story ahead, so the release date may be soon declared by official accounts. We don’t have a confirmation on 3-Gatsu No Lion Season 3 Release Date, so would request you to re-visit our article as we update it with latest updates regularly.

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