Will there be Sekirei Season 3 Release Date Updates

Will there be Sekirei Season 3 Release Date Updates: Sekirei is taken from Japanese Manga series which was popular in its release time. Manga has received dual reaction from critics and also got good response from audience. The Sekirei Anime was taken from this Manga series by looking at its popularity and thus Anime too got great response. Anime made a good debut with 12 episodes and has reached high level in Anime world. Sekirei Season 2 was also released continuously and thus with same number of episodes. Now it’s time for the Sekirei Season3 which is really a long time to come up. Seven Arcs Studio is producing the Sekirei Anime and thus a user from this Studio has declared of having Sekirei Season3 in list.

Will there be Sekirei Season 3 Release Date Updates

In an Interview at release of 5th volume of Riddle Story of the Devil, Director of Sekirei Anime Keizou Kawakawa has made a statement in an interview as he would love to work on Sekirei Season 3. He also added that he is going to compensate the audience who got disappointed with Sekirei Season 2 not going with Manga script. Thus also Funimation denied to work on the series and also got a low rating for season 2. It is clear that Sekirei Season3 is going too happened but there are few things that will be clear.

Sekirei Season 3 Release Date Announced:

With the words of Keizou it is clear that Sekirei Season3 will be made but not confirmed of releasing soon. The loss made by season 2 will also be recovered as Director gave his words to audience that they will go with Manga if made. Due to few reasons we actually see that season 3 is getting delayed. Once you know the reason it will be cleared that weather Sekirei Season 3 will come up or not.  Expect the director there is no updated from Seven Acer or FUNimation studios on Sekirei next installment.

Will there be Sekirei Season 3 Release Date Updates

IT happened as Manga was concluded in 2015 and thus Anime was made back to back. It hardly gave space form release of Manga and thus it would be reason for delay of Sekirei. As there is no content to taken by creator presently and they should wait until Manga releases its next volume. In 2017 it was declared as the Volumes of Sekirei Manga are going to come up and thus it give signs of making Sekirei Season 3. Let’s hope that Sekirei Season 3 Release Date will be made in 2018, once creators get the content.

The Plot of Sekirei Season 3:

Story of Sekirei Anime is about girls who are cute and has got super powered beings. They are called as Sekirei who even has got mental and physical powers. There are some other beings called Ashikabi who increases Sekirei power, once these girls kiss them. MBI Corporation is an mysterious origination which runs an mission for Sekirei Elimination Battle competition. Ashikani who services from battle of Sekirei Plan and actually gives fierce competition to them. Audience will be getting more actual story in season 3 as some parts have got diverted in Sekirei Season 2.

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Finally we can aspect Sekirei Season 3 Release Date in 2018 as per present rumors. Now we will be looking forward for an official announcement from Keizou and Seven Acer Studio. So bookmark our page and visit our site again to get latest news on Sekirei.

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