When Is Season 2 Of Black Bullet coming Out

When Is Season 2 Of Black Bullet coming Out: Fans are waiting for the release story of Burakku Buretto season 2? This is also known as Black Bullet that was a huge hit in 2014. The anime series was adopted from the Manga series which was hit with its novel. It started with the Light Novel with 7 chapters that attracted wave of readers. The story and baseline of this novel is great with twists. The first episodes of Black Bullet season 1 was release in 2014 April. It continued till July 2014. There was deep dilemma in this series as season 1 was completed with no suspense. Many doubted that there will not be any next season for Black Bullet.

When Is Season 2 Of Black Bullet coming Out

The season 1 of Black Bullet was aired by Kinema Citrus productions. Same products have announced that there are good to go with Black Bullet season 2. It is decided that season 2 will be released but there is no official announcement to be made.

Black Bullet Season 2 Release Date:

As everyone know that Black Bullet season 1 was completed greatly. There was no suspense or any UN-unanswered questions in season 1. It was all because the director has used full 7 Chapters in Season 1. No chapter from the Light Novel or Manga series was left to dedicate for season 2. In a twist announcement, the Kinema Citrus said that they are going to make a way for Black Bullet Season 2. Making clear that not much soon but in the next quarter the Black Bullet season 2 will be released.

When Is Season 2 Of Black Bullet coming Out

The final confirmation for the release of Black Bullet season 2 is yet to be made. But it is sure that at the end of this year we are going to stream its next season. It can be cleanly said that plot and characters of season 2 are going to make much difference. As it is going to are all new stories rather then continuing the season 1? Keep connected with the updates from the Kinema to know more about the Black Bullet season 2.

So the final date for the release of Black Bullet season 2 will be announced soon. Mostly the series will on air at the end of 2017 or in first quarter of 2018.

Black Bullet season 1 Anime Series:

Let us talk about the story of the Black Bullet season 1 which made fans mad about it. It started as the 2021 year which was affected with a Gastrea virus. This deadly virus was affecting the Human DNA and transforming human into Monster. It was rapidly increasing and only cure was varanium metal. So the humans were hiding in a boundary covered with Varanium metal. It was a place in Tokyo where this boundary was built. Rentaro Saomi, Kisara Tend, Enju Aihara are lead characters of this story.

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The confirmation for the Black Bullet Season 2 was made by the Studio. Now it is time to wait for the official announcement of the Black Bullet Season 2 release date. To get more updates about the Black Bullet keep connected with our website.

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