Recover Deleted Facebook Messenger Messages Com.Facebook.Orca

Recover Deleted Facebook Messenger Messages Com.Facebook.Orca:  Facebook is most entertainment application now days and is the only app which is used mostly. It has got many amazing features with lots interesting twists.  People in now a day’s won’t be with our Facebook every one will be having their Facebook account.  As Facebook helps people in many ways it keeps you attached with your friends and also keeps you updated with current updates of your friends. You can watch what they have posted and even there is an option that you can like it. Now messenger has come in picture, by using messenger you can do many things.  You can text anyone by using messenger and also you can receive messages from people. As messenger is for texting and text someone unlimitedly there will be no limit.

Recover Deleted Facebook Messenger Messages Com.Facebook.Orca

By using messenger you can not only be in touch with Facebook friends but also you can get connected to people through your phone book you just need to enter a phone number to add new contact. It allows you to do group chat with your close friends you just need to create a group and add people in them, you can change the profile picture whenever you want and also you can send pictures and videos to it. It allows you to send voice messages when have more to say just record your voice and send to whomever you want. Yu can also now people who are nearby you by turning on the location. You can even stay logged in if you don’t want to miss nay massage.

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How to Recover Deleted Facebook Messages from Com.Facebook.Orca:

Below are the detailed steps that will let you know how to get the deleted messages revolved using this Com.Facebook.Orca file. Make sure you follow each steps and there are few enabling things hold be done in Facebook Messenger so that the messages won’t be lost.

Recover Deleted Facebook Messenger Messages Com.Facebook.Orca
  • So we will now start the process of recovers the deleted messages
  • Go to the deice SD card or Internal memory and find the Facebook Messenger
  • Or go to SD card then to Android and open the Data form list
  • Now you can find the Com.Facebook.Orca in the list by scrolling down
  • Open the folder and then you need to open Cache folder
  • Then again open the fb_temp folder to open on screen
  • The Facebook messages will be backup in this folder

I would like to clear you that this folder will have all you Facebook messenger messages and using it you can recover the messages. But this will only be valid if you go to backup the messages. In your Facebook Messenger App you need to select to have taken Backup option so that whenever you want you can come to this folder and restore your messages.


Using the Com.Facebook.Orca we have now recurred the Facebook Messenger messages and again in future if you want to do the same, make sure that backup option are enabled in messenger. If at all your not able to recover the messages then you can ask me using the comment section. I will get back to you with good solution and hope that you will share this article with others.

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