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Read Manga Panda Online: MangaPanda is the world’s leading Manga Reader in English language where we can read Manga in English. As you already know that Manga are published in Japanese language which we can find in English on this website. To be simple Manga are popular Japanese comics that are being published since 19th century. So in Japan Manga are of great value and the owners of different Manga companies try to publish new comics now and then to keep people’s interest.

I suppose there are a quite a few Manga Readers in English language but I prefer to use Manga Panda out of all. Well the main reason is you can read Manga online from the old to new or even the modern ones with just one click. At the same time every Manga present here is in English language which makes it easy for others to understand. Well Manga Panda has ads but very few which does not disturb your reading. At the same time when you look at other readers online they are filled with ads on every single page.

Read Manga Panda Online – Download MangaPanda App

Manga Panda Review – The Best Online Manga Reader in English Language 2018

Maybe you might find some of the features on some other Manga Reader Online but here on Manga Panda all Manga are updated every day. I mean to say that once a new volume is released, it is updated without much delay which is great for readers. On the other hand this website has a great interface which makes it easy to find Manga with just few clicks. You can always use the search option on top to enter the name of your favorite Manga and find it. When you move a little down you can observe that we have “Latest Manga Updates” section. Under this section new volumes of Manga are updated and uploaded with respect to date and day. So this makes it easy for users to find which volume of Manga was released when and they can select the one they want to read easily.

Similarly when you move down to the bottom you will find “click for Older Manga Updates..” link or button. When you click on this link you will find tons of pages to select Manga Volumes from. At the same time I prefer using the search option to find which Manga I am looking for to prevent searching through those pages. I have seen some people searching like “Boruto Manga Panda” or “Bleach MangaPanda” or “One Punch Man Manga Panda” in the search option which is not right. I mean you can search like “Boruto” or “Bleach” or “One Punch Man” directly in the search option.

Download Manga Panda App for Android 2018 – MangaPanda Apk Download Guide

If you are using an Android phone then you are at luck because we have MangaPanda app for Android platform. Well this app is similar to Manga Panda and you can find all the Manga in English language by volume wise. So click here to download the APK file from the download webpage and save the APK file.

After downloading the APK file just click on the file once and click on “Install” button next and installation will begin. It will be installed in less than a minute for sure and after that your mobile Manga Reader is ready to use.


Manga Panda is quite an excellent Online Manga Reader in English which can be used for free and does not throw ads at users all the time. I find it perfect to spend my time reading new updated Manga volumes on a rainy day. In this guide we have discussed how awesome this website is and to be frank you will love it more when you actually start using it. After reading this whole post you will understand the worth of MangaPanda Online Reader. At the same time you can also learn how to download Manga Panda app for Android platform in no time.

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