Overload Season 3 Release Date Announced Rumors

Overload Season 3 Release Date Announced Rumors:  It’s all about Naoyuki’s Overload Anime series which has taken its place to make season 3 live. Happy new to all fans of Overload Anime series, as officially it is announced that it will release Overload Season 3 from July 10th 2018. Expected to be coming with 13 episodes and will mostly have an Overload Season 4 even. So currently our most awaited season 3 will be released and it wills premier by Madhouse. Studio will bring the lice to Madman Entertainment, Funimation and Anime limited for Australia, North America and United Kingdom respectively.

Overload Season 3 Release Date

If you remember the first season of Overload was released in 2015 July 7th and it came with its Overload Season 2 in January 9th. It is seriously unbelievable that how Overload Season 3 cans make it for July 10th.  Many fans were thinking it seems to be fake rumors spread, but I would like to say that this is a confirmed news form Madhouse official sources. Also same news can be verified in Overload official website a Wiki. So the work of KUgane Maruyama’s novel series is now heading to its Anime season 3. Overload is all based on Light Novel Series of similar name which was illustrated by So-bin.  Overload Japanese Light novel series was started in 2010 which was later acquired by Enterbrain.

Overload Season 3 Release Date Confirmed News:

Coming to its Manga series, it was started in 2014 and was sterilized in Kadokawa’s Manga Magazine Comp Ace. Yen Press has the official license to serialize both Light Novel series and Manga series in eastern countries. It is still great news that Overload Season 3 being released very soon. This is all because of great response on season 2 and also studio has got much appreciated for its work on season 2. Now hopefully the story will be continued and will matter for Overload Season 4. As creator of anime are looking for more chapters from Manga and they don’t want to lose the wave of Overload anime.

Overload Season 3 Release Date

The Plot of Overload Season 3:

Animes will take you to future 2126 where a multiplier online role playing game called as Yggdrasil. It is best among DMMORPS’s due to its high ability to interact with players. Game has been running since 12 years and server seems to shutting down. It consists of one guild of 41 members called as Ainz Ooal Gown. Of them now 4 have left when other has quite the game at earlier stage. Momonga is seen to be guild leader and heading the headquarter. He invites other members to great tomb of Nazarick and only one came to him. He being strong has decided to be online when all his friends have left the game.

Momonga has seen that shut down time has come but still game is online. It appears that Yggdrasil has recreated with own reality using various MPCs having bright life. Momonga is tapered in game avatar and he is left to block using other normal player functions. He is now left alone in game and started to explore the city in hope to find out if he has left some as company. He ensures that Nazarick is safe and presides to begin his journey to explore and learn about Ainz Ooal Gown. In Overload Season 3 Plot we will accept Momonga being accompanied by his left over friends who can use normal function.

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