Nisekoi False Love Season 3 On Air Date & News 2017

Nisekoi False Love Season 3 On Air Date & News 2017: Nisekoi false love story or fake love is a great and a famous story of Manga series which is a Japanese romantic and comedy series. By theses we can release that the story is going to be very interesting with both romance and the comedy what needs more to complete a full entertainment series. It has gained more popularity with the two seasons which were released. There are two seasons which were released, the first season was released in  the month in the month  of  January 11 and may 24 of 2014 and there were 20 episodes in the first season,  and the second season was released in between April 10 between June 26 of 2015 with total of  12 episodes, which were very less when compared to the first season .

Nisekoi False Love Season 3 On Air Date & News 2017

There are total of 25 volumes of Manga  which have 229 chapters, which means there are many episodes which can be pulled towards the  further seasons. There are unfelt questions which need to answer in the further seasons. So the Manga anime writers were decided to air the third season,  and fans are eagerly waiting  for the third season ,  it was long wait for the fans and now it’s time to watch the third season which brings all the answers for the questions left in the second season.

If you ask me Nisekoi False Love anime is quite famous, even the manga series has sold millions of copies world wide. And there are not many anime stories that bring out the good of friendship, love and romance at the same time.

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Plot of Nisekoi False Love Season 3 :

The story revolves around the high school student named Raku Ichijo,  who is the son of Yakuza faction, and there is another leading role in the story named Chitoge Kiriski the daughter  of great boos in a rival gang very well knows as Beehive. There the story begins  they both meet accidently,  when chitoge hops a wall and knees raku in the face. After she runs  off, Raku  realizes that he has lost his favorite locket which was given to him by his childhood best friend  and they have made a secret promise.   In the search of locket with the help of Chitoge  they both start disliking each other. To maintain the peace between the two gangs , Raku decides that his girlfriend for next three years  is none other than chitoge.

Nisekoi False Love Season 3 On Air Date & News 2017

Theses turns to be a quit challenging for both of them were Raku also has  a crush on another girl named Kosaki  Onoders, whom he secretly wishes  was the girl who bears the key to his locket. After many challenges they come across finally Raku relizes that he loves both chitage and Kosaki. And when the truth comes in front of Chitoge that Raku and Kosaki were in relationship from the middle school, she understands and tries to support their relationship by living japans. By all these things it will be interesting to watch the season three with lots expectations. So get prepaid to stream the latest season 3 and stay updated by bookmark our page.

Release date of Nisekoi False Love Season 3:

Nisekoi false love series season 3 was already aired by two seasons and it was huge hit, now fans are eagerly waiting for the third season. The official date was not yet released  but it will be releasing very soon hopefully.

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