Narcos Season 4 Episode 1 2018 Online Stream

Narcos Season 4 Episode 1 2018: Narcos TV web series is an action and crime drama which is released by Netflix streaming service. This show is an action drama based on Drug cartels which first focused on Pablo Escobar his growth, death and fall as well. Pablo Escobar was the main character of the Season 1 and 2 of the Narcos show. Next Narcos season 3 was based on Cali cartel, which consisted of 10 episodes as well.

The Narcos season 4 will be released in August, September 2018 which will also consist of 10 episodes each and the story might be based on El Chapo story. But the main question is that where can we start to stream Narcos season 4 episode 1 online, without any problem.

In this article I will be discussing about Narcos season 4 release date, episode list and streaming options as well. You can also learn where you can find Narcos season 4 with subtitles online to watch, which makes it other country viewers to stream.

Narcos Season 4 Watch Online – How To Stream Narcos Season 4 Episode 1 2018

Narcos season 4 will consist of 10 episodes each having a runtime of 43 – 60 minutes that are released on a single day. So if you want to either watch the episode 1 or 10 you don’t have to wait for a week or months time, because Netflix releases the whole TV show on a single day itself. In this way we can subscribe to Netflix streaming service online and start watching every episode of Narcos season 4 easily.

Narcos Season 4 Episode 1 2018 Online Stream

But the second question is where to watch Narcos season 4 episode 1, then you can make use of Netflix account which is the main thing. Next we have to select between the devices like PC browser or Mobile which use data or Internet connection to stream selected shows.

Many people have asked the question regarding where we can download Narcos season 4 from online, but Netflix service does not allow to download. So I prefer to use Netflix account to binge watch the whole show at a single time rather than downloading from other sources.

Narcos Season 4 With Subtitles Online Stream

So as we have already discussed the streaming options for Narcos season 4 but you might be wondering about the subtitles to stream along with it. It might be easy for English speaking viewers to listen and stream the show directly but in case if you belong to a foreign country. Then you might need subtitles to stream this show which we can get from Netflix service directly as well.

Once you start to stream the show you can click on setting button and then select the subtitles version to go on with. In this way you can watch Narcos season 4 with subtitles directly and this makes streaming easier.


Narcos Season 4 has 10 episodes that can be streamed using Netflix streaming service online, which can be understood from the above guide. There are other streaming services which also allow you to stream Narcos season 4 episode 1 but Netflix is the original and legit service to be precise.

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