Food Wars Season 4 Release Date 2018 Confirmed

Food Wars Season 4 Release Date 2018: During the Jump Festa it was announced that Food Wars! Shokugeki No Souma season 4 will arrive in April 2018. The season 3 of this anime aired the last episode during December 2017 which made fans think whether this news was true or not. But frankly speaking it is no wonder because the news about the new season is true and with such a huge fan base this story needs more than just 4 seasons too. The main character of this anime is Yukihira Souma who joins the Totsuki academy to become the greatest cook in the world. But this time he has to join the elite ten and defeat Azami who is the new director of the Academy.

Food Wars Season 4 Release Date 2018 Confirmed

The good news is that Food Wars season 4 is going to happen and the story is going to be intense as well. Fans showed great response after the news came out that season 4 will be going to happen soon but at the same time the question remains when it is going to be released. Well the best part is that the fourth season will start in the month of April, 2018 which is not far from this month.

A new visual from the Season 4 has been released which show Yukihira Soma who is looking at the falling snow from the sky. We can see that a train is passing in the woods which mean that all students are going to be stationed in the mountains and will travel by train for Promotion Exams.

Food Wars Season 4 Release Date 2018 Confirmed

Shokugeki No Souma Season 4 Story, Plot and Details

The Food wars season 3 started with the introduction of Elite Ten members with other students along with Soma as well. Soma challenges one of the Elite Ten members at moon festival sales but he is defeated. Then we come to see that Elite Ten members decide the new director of the academy who is Azami.

Well that’s what happened in the season 3 till now but the season 4 is going to all about “Promotion Exams” arc. I won’t be spreading too many spoilers because it will ruin your day for sure and you don’t want that to happen. But as a Manga reader I already know that this season will be huge for Yukihira Soma because he will fight against Central alone. Well alone in the sense that he will have to beat the Elite Ten members alone through Shokugeki with his new dishes and food. But the main fight is going to be between Hayama who has recently sided with the Central and Soma will try to defeat him at any cost.

The Promotion Exams are going to be held in mountains and the season is going to be icy which might be tough because Soma has never cooked in such weather. Based on the season I guess icy type dishes which include Ice creams and cold food are going to be on the list of challenges.

Shokugeki No Souma Season 4 Story, Plot and Details 2018

More News about Food Wars Season 4 Release Date 2018 Online

Yes you’ve heard me right because Shokugeki No Souma season 4 is going to be released in April, 2018. I was surprised because the last season ended on December 20 of 2017 and the season 4 was announced already. But this is good news for all since the season 3 was short on episodes but the next one is going to have 24 episodes for sure which I believe.

Food Wars! Fourth Plate Conclusion:

Yukihira Soma has to do something amazing to do his best during the Promotions Exams which can lead him a seat in the Elite Ten. But can he also save Erina from the hands of her father Azami who wants to destroy Totsuki Academy. Central is not going to allow Soma to challenge the remaining elite ten but can he win this new war with help from his father Joichiro. Everything seems fussy at this time but be prepared because new dishes are going to be served soon in Food Wars! Fourth Plate.

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