How To Fix “Snapchat Camera Not Working” Error

Snapchat Camera Not Working Error: Well Snapchat has become a huge trend these days and why not with such attractive filter that makes your picture unique makes thing better. So using Snapchat is really simple because we simply have to select any filter and take our picture along with it. Then you can either share it with your friends and even your friends can send their video or pictures.

If you understood how this app works then I guess you already know that Snapchat app is based on filters and uses your phone camera to take pictures and videos aligned with those filters. But today’s topic is about Snapchat camera not working that means we might not be able to use camera and the filters as well. The whole purpose of the app is defeated if the Snapchat camera does not work properly and in this guide I will show you how to solve this issue.

Before we head down to the solution let me tell you that Snapchat is amongst the top social media apps that has more than millions of daily active users. At the same time they introduce new features such as new filters, better camera and video recording options with more video recording limits are some of them. I am sure there are many social media apps that are based on sharing stories like Instagram, but Snapchat does this job better.

How To Fix “Snapchat Camera Not Working” Error

It is so because Snapchat is completely focused on the concept that users can send images and videos with filters that are called stories to their friends. But once the image or video is viewed it will be deleted which is another unique concept of this app which makes it worthy enough to try.

How to solve “Snapchat Camera Not Working” Problem on Android and IOS Platform

So many of you use Snapchat on everyday basis and this has become one of the most common social media interaction apps to be frank. But if this app happens to go awry such as the Snapchat camera not working then you cannot make full use of this app. We will be sharing few tips which will help you solve this issue on your Android or iPhone device without any problem.

Update your app

Most of the times things like this happen that our apps such as Snapchat are not updated and this causes the app to not work properly. In the end we might face issues like Snapchat camera not working which causes problem where we cannot use filters properly.

How To Fix “Snapchat Camera Not Working” Error
  • So first go to Google play store from your Android phone
  • Then search for the app, Snapchat and then click on “Update” button
  • Next the app will be updated and you can start using it back again!

Well you can follow the same instructions even for iPhone, where you have to use App store instead of Google Play store to update the app.


Now that you have read this guide you can simply get rid of the problem which is Snapchat Camera not working on your Android and IOS devices. Well this might seem like a huge problem at first but if you apply our above method then your app will start working fine again.

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