Dragon Ball Super Episode 125 Predictions Online Spoilers

Dragon Ball Super Episode 125: The Dragon ball super episode 123 was really awesome to be frank because we came to see a new power from Vegeta. At the same time when Jiren was going on top of Goku things are now turning to Universe 7 side because the duo has started their attacks. Well let me tell you what just happened in the DBS Episode 123 that really made feel hyped for the next episode. So in the episode 123 we see filler fights between Toppo versus Gohan and Android 17. At the same time we see the fight between Freza and Dsypo which is not in favor of any of the fighters. But the most important thing that happened in the previous episode that Goku powered to his fullest.

In the DBS episode 122 jiren hit Vegeta hard and he fell down which was something everyone was expecting because jiren was stronger than vegeta. But during episode 123 Vegeta woke up again but this time he has full rage mode on because he wants to achieve the Super Dragon Balls. He broke out of his shell of super saiyan blue power and turned into a power higher than his previous level. This happened because he wanted to keep his promise of resurrecting Universe 6 using the Super Dragon Balls.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 125 Predictions Online Spoilers

Dragon Ball Super Episode 125 Predictions And Review

The Grand Priest explained that Vegeta has broke out of his shell to gain a new power which is stronger than his all previous powers. This new look is different from super saiyan blue because it is shiner but it is not Ultra Instinct. Though Vegeta has broken out of his shell to gain a new power but this is not Ultra Instinct. We have seen Vegeta say that he will win this fight against jiren in his own way other than Goku’s. He said that because Vegeta already knows that it is not possible for him to gain Ultra Instinct like Goku in the current state but he gains a new power of his own which might be equal to Ultra Instinct.

So now Vegeta has powered to a new power and Goku powered to Kaio ken fist which was something wonderful to look at. The animation was purely great to watch and back to the story the duo starts to attack jiren. We also see that jiren is complementing that their attacks have become sharper than before which means their attacks are working on jiren. But do you really think that their combination of attacks is enough to beat down jiren at all? Well I think that jiren is obviously holding back and not using his full power to fight them.

The Dragon Ball Super episode 124 is going to be awesome as well because we will see Goku, Vegeta fight jiren at their fullest powers. At the same time we will also see that Freza, Gohan are trying to take down Dsypo with their new strategy. But during the promo of episode 124 we did not see any footage of Android 17 which makes me think that he might be fighting Toppo alone. From the Episode 124 we see that Gohan and Dsypo are out of the competition due to Gohan’s tactic.

What Will Happen In Dragon Ball Super Episode 125

Well it worth a try and at the same time now the real fight is going to go on between Goku, Vegeta and Jiren. The Dragon Ball Super Episode 125 will not focus on the fight between those three. But it will feature the fight between Android 17 and Toppo who will reveal his ultimate power in this new episode.

So the next episode of DBS 125 will be awesome because it will determine the winners of the game and Android 17 will bring out his hidden powers to beat Toppo at his best. We will have to wait and see what happens in the Dragon Ball Super Episode 125 this week.

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