Download PlayStation 4 Remote Play – PS4 Remote Play Apk Download

PlayStation 4 Remote Play Apk: PlayStation 4 has brought great features and along with those we’ve got PlayStation 4 remote play app for Android. Well this is a part of PlayStation 4 remote access which helps users play high end console games on their Android devices. But the app has been only released for Sony Xperia devices but soon other Android devices will get the update as well.

The release of this app has made Android gaming even better as we can play high end games and enjoy ourselves to the fullest. If you are wondering there might be some tweaking or stuff to do before playing, then all you have to do is install the app and log with your PS account simply.

But if we compare a high end gaming console like PS4 with an Android phone, there are some differences which Android cannot be on mark with the console. So there are certain high end games that we cannot play on our Android device but the list of such games is quite small indeed.

The major reason why someone would like to play high end games on Android would be for mere fun and enjoyment indeed. There need not be any higher reason, but with this app we don’t have to switch on the PS4 console every single time to play a game. We can play all those games on our Android phone with just one click by sitting on the sofa.

Download PlayStation 4 Remote Play – PS4 Remote Play Apk Download

PlayStation 4 Remote Play App Android Features – PS4 Remote Play

There are quite a few amazing features about this app that will surely make you find it quite comfortable to use with all its features to the fullest. And this is the reason I will be going to explain all the features and tips on how you can make PS4 remote play app experience even better. There are no Android OS requirements but having an Android phone with Android V 4.0+ can come in handy as well.

Get rid of your TV because the sibling fight for the TV is now over as we can play any of our PS4 games right on our Android device. Well we get to see full action and true PS4 high end gaming right onto our Android phone with just one click. Now as to how we can control the game, this question might be buzzing everyone but to be frank we can use the DualShock 4 or 3 controllers along with our Android phone.

Since the PS4 DualShock controllers are wireless we can connect them with our Android phone using USB jack or Bluetooth as well. If you still insist then there are some gaming pads which can help you play all these PS4 games without any problem.

Download PlayStation 4 Remote Play

Download PlayStation Remote Play Apk For Android OS 2017 – Install PS4 Remote Play App

PlayStation 4 remote play app for Android is a great way of playing your PS games on your Android Smartphone without any problem. In this way you can always play any of your favorite games right on you’re Android Smartphone with just one click. But in order to play all the PlayStation games on your Android device you have to first download the PS4 remote play apk.

  • So first you will have to open your Android phone and then open Google Play Store
  • Next thing to do is search for the “PlayStation 4 Remote Play” app using the search bar on the top
  • Once the search is completed, we can select the app and then click on the Install button right away
  • Then the app will now begin to download and once it is done the app will start installing automatically
  • Finally we have now installed the app on your Android Smartphone!

Once the app is installed you will have to open the app and login with your PS account to play any of your installed games on Android phone.


PS4 remote play app is a fun way of playing high end games on your Android device that are installed on your PS4 or PS3 right now. In this way you will be able to not only advance to higher levels but also be able to play any PlayStation games at anytime you like without any problem.

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