Date a Live 3rd Season Announced Rumors

Date a Live 3rd Season Announced Rumors: Deto A Raibu is a Japanese Anime series that was adapted from Manga series of similar name. It was taken from light Novel Series by Koshi Tachibana and was illustrated by Tsunako. It has been good time that no news from the Date a Live Anime series has been taken up by official sources. It started in June 2013 when Date a Live Anime Season 1 was released. Anime didn’t receive much audience at the initial stage when was released on Niconico.  It was quite before releasing Date a Live TV Anime series. Later Date a Live 2nd Season has run from April to June in 2014.  Since then Anime has got to a halt and was not updated with any new.

Date a Live 3rd Season Announced Rumors

Coming directly to the point of internet which audience of Date a Live Anime has been awaiting. Recently we have observed that official account of Date a Live Anime, has said in twitter as new name has been taken up and is being produced.  Announcement declares that Date a Live Anime 3rd Season is being prepared and audience can hope it very soon. Let’s grab the seats as we are going to get Anime continued with its left over parts. Partly director Keiaro Motonga may bring good changes in script which will not stop audience to love this anime. Hope that we will get some good work from Studio Production IMS this year.

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The Plot of Date a Live 3rd Season:

Anime is all about the Spatial quakes which shoke the earth and left hardly anything to survive. It started form Spatial Quake from center of Eurasia which left 150 causalities and next 30 years were continued with similar things. Our Anime hero Shadow Itsuka is seen a high school girl and has came from ground zero. He found that this girl was one of spirits that were the initial cause of spatial quakes. Quakes come when they manifest in relax world and the girl called Kotori was leader of airship Frazinus. It was crewed with Ratatoskr organization and seals the sprits powers which stop them harming humans.

Date a Live 3rd Season Announced Rumors

Shido who is an intelligent classmate was lead of Anti Spirit Team, who starts dating with Spirits and reduce the threat from sprits. They should hive deep kiss to them so that threat gets decreases and it allow the sprits fall in love with him. He has also increase the competition among Spirits with his affection and attention.

Date a Live 3rd Season Release Date Announced:

We have a quick update on Date a Live 3rd Season, as the release date of Date a Live Season 3 is schedule for April 2019. This is confirmed news as the last season was streamed in 2015 and it delayed due to release of Date a Live Movie. Production and director got busy with movie and this actually delayed the release of Date a Live 3rd season. Now it looks like all got an eye on Date a Live Anime Season 3 and they started to work on it. So let’s wait for official update on Release date of 3rd season, we will update this article once we have got an update from Date a Live Anime official sources.

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