Change Xbone One DNS Settings

Change Xbone One DNS Settings: Change Xbone One DNS Settings is the place where you can do everything that your console ability t gets connected with Xbox live, you can play multiplayer games by using this setting, and also troubleshoot the general perfomarance issues. Very easy to get networks were you can change the settings as you want. You just need to press the Xbox button to open the guide, the all you need to do is select the settings, there you select all settings, network needs to selected and then network settings needs to selected. To do all this settings your screen will be divided into their columns, this page describes the network setting options which are available from each and every column of the page.  Column  one  settings will be set up the wireless network, advanced settings and you can go offline as well, offline is  for them how  play  games offline, here of you are using the wireless connection, the only way is to disconnect is to go to the settings to network screen and select go offline.

Change Xbone One DNS Settings

If you g offline you need to connect your Xbox live to get the latest system up were you can play a newly released games. Advanced settings are only used by the technical users or support, to manually on figure your network or to change your up address.  If your Xbox is not yet connected to the internet, and is you want connect to the network through wireless access you need to select set up wireless network, once you have selected this button all the wireless settings will be deleted and will set up a new wireless device.  There is status code in it which will be displaying if any error that is resulted.

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How to Change Xbone One DNS Settings:

I have gave the steps to change Xbox One DNS setting when you first buyer it. As it will through you error with settings and will not allow you to launch the applications. So follow the below steps and get your Xbone One DNS error fixed. Make sure you try to connect automaticity before you go with this DNS settings change option.

Change Xbone One DNS Settings
  • Firstly you need to go to Dashboard of your Xbone One
  • Now press the options button the controller
  • Then go to Network option from the list
  • Here selected the Advance Settings from the options
  • Open the DNS settings then and view the settings
  • Select the Manual option, and then enter the Primary DNS
  • The DNS as and the click on enter button
  • Now select the secondary DNS and enter the
  • Click on enters option and then presses B to save them
  • Now restart your Xbone One and that’s it your done

Now you can connect to internet using youth Xbone One as he Xbone One DNS setting has been done successfully.


In this installing guide if you have any doubt you can ask us in comment box, also it will be great if you know little about the setting as making changes in Xbone One without good knowledge may lead to error in your device.

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