Best 5.1 Home Theater Speakers under Rs 5000 Price (September 2017)

Best 5.1 Home Theater Speakers under Rs 5000 Price (September 2017): Are you trying to but Home Theater speaker which comes under you budget and also should have best features then this is correct place you have landed. We have got the Best 5.1 Home Theater Speakers under Rs 5000 Price which are from top brands. There is no doubt that the below given set of speaker will depress you in any time. So read about them with the below given description and get it installed in your home.

Creative Inspire T6300 5.1 Multimedia Speaker Systems:

Do you want to bring a new experience in your sound then this sound system will bring that in live. Creative Inspire T6300 5.1 Multimedia Speaker is among the top speaker which is sold out for their better sound. The central satellite has dual enclosure which makes it produce mid bass and more sound. It is supported with 3 smaller speakers, two larger speakers with a sound controller. Creative is known for brand and best sound so this will be a bit higher in price.


Creative Inspire T6300 5.1 Multimedia Speaker has got good, effective sound with clear notice. So as the features list in this speaker is more, we will get it for more price tag. It is weighed about 4.8 kg which is apparently less weight for 5.1 KG and uses 7 watt current that is low. So if you pay a higher price for this Creative Inspire T6300 5.1 Multimedia Speaker then you save in power and weight.

Zebronics ZEB-SW8500RUCF Audio Speaker:

Zebronics  is known to bring a diffenret yet best speaker and this Zebronics ZEB-SW8500RUCF Audio Speaker is one among them. This speaker has got 4 same size speakers and is supported with a central satellite. The count control is done using the remote and can be easily viewed using the LED display. This system is designed to support the virtual surround sound for stereo input and 2.0 stereo. Being added with good electronic features this speakers will fall in your budget.


It is viewed that Zebronics ZEB-SW8500RUCF Audio Speaker is available at 5000 in flipkart and other online shopping sites. So get  these speakers to your home as it will also add look with LED display and wireless technology. It weighs about 9KG and has 110 wattage that make it best one.

F & D F700UF 5.1 Multimedia Speaker:

Let’s now have a look at the F & D F700UF 5.1 Multimedia Speaker which is one of the best speakers that possibly falls in your range. Coming to the features of F & D F700UF 5.1 Multimedia Speaker it is built with remote control, USB/SD Reader, Digital FM that provides you best songs for entertainment. The Central satellite is supported with one subwoofer and  4 speakers which will give you best sound with surrounded bass.


This is best speaker which is affordable as it has better sound quality and also lets the internment go on. If you’re trying to get a good sound in your home then this will be best speaker as they provide bass sound under four walls. It is weighed about 7 KG and use 11 wattage current which won’t even charge you more.

Philips SPA3000U/94 Wired Home Audio Speaker:

Trying to get some heavy size speaker with less price then Philips SPA3000U/94 Wired Home Audio Speaker is one to be bought. This speaker produces 3000w sound which is more enough for a open party. The Bass Reflex design of Philip is said to bring a good look with bass sound. It has got heavy size speaker which is a combination of one central speaker, 2 rear speaker and 2 front speakers.  If you want to buy some good sound then this speaker is going to be one of the best option. You have got several options using its remote which will make it easy to play the sound.


The best part of this Philips SPA3000U/94 Wired Home Audio Speaker is this are heavy size speaker but only weight about 5 KG. It uses 28 wattage and can be a good one when compared with other speakers. I would suggest this speaker if you want well sound rather than looks.

Intex IT-500B 5.1 Speaker:

It is all known that Intex is one such brand that is known for best sound and best looks. The Intex IT-500B 5.1 Speaker has got best base and has cool features which makes it falls in top 5.1 Home Theater Speakers Speaker. The added features in Intex IT-500B 5.1 Speaker are Sonic Boom for zero distortion. Digital FM Pro logic.


This Intex IT-500B 5.1 Speaker will fall under 5000 which falls under budget. It uses 30 wattage and weighs only about 4.6 KG which also make it flexible. So get this amazing Intex IT-500B 5.1 Speaker to your home and enjoy unlimited entertainment.


I hope that you have got t know about Best 5.1 Home Theater Speakers Under Rs 5000 Price, so get one form the above to your home by comparing. If you have any more doubt on this speakers then you can write to us in comment section, we will get with best advice and features for you. Thanks for reading our article and for more updates stay connected.

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