18if Season 2 Release Date Confirmed for Winter 2018

18if Season 2 Release Date Confirmed for Winter 2018: are you searching for some updates on 18if Anime series, and then you are correct place. We have this article which let you know updates on 18if Anime series that started its work on season 2. 18if Anime series is a Japanese TV series that produced by Gonzo and was aired between 7th July to 29th September 2017. Koji Morimoto is the chief supervise for 18if and interesting it ahs diffenret director for each episode. You can say that this is huge piece of work form director that calibrate made an amazing series. Hiroko Kazui has taken the design direction, Atshuiro served as series composition, Ryudai Abe got is music and Tadahi Oppata designed the characters.

18if Season 2 Release Date Confirmed

If you still remember the opening theme of 18if which is Red Doors Feat, it was composed by Teddyloid. Interesting 18if anime season 2 will be released in North America by Funimation and will be available to stream on Crunchyroll. This were same company took the season 1 to world and will be same with 18if Season 2. It will bring each episode of 18if Season 2 diffenret as the production done with season 1. So keep awaited to stream the interesting yet amazing series again. We will try to put the updated news here, as we try to give our readers director new from the anime official accounts.

The Plot of 18if Season 2:

The main character Haruto Tsukishiro our anime protagonists is a dreamer indeed. He always wanted to be in his imaginer world as he finds it more better than real world. Real life has got hard work to get success. In this senior on night Haruto got up in his dream world. But rather of his dream domination himself the world was dominated by Powerful entities. The stranger witches were ruling the dream world and he was then seen as a salve instead.  Haruto took the assistance of the professor Katsumi Kanzaki along with a girl called Lily. Lily was white haired girl who was mysterious to him.

18if Season 2 Release Date Confirmed

Spending time in dream world, Haruto has decides to outsmart the witches and with help of his friends he tries to come to real world. Lilly was helping him very much to withstand the power of witch and come out soon. Now in 18if Season 2 the Haruto will be seen making a way out of the world. It is unknown that how directors will design the story of 18if anime season 2. Just wait for next release date information on season 2, so that some news on next plot will also be released.

18if Season 2 Release Date Confirmed:

It has been a year from the release of 18if Anime season 1 which gave great series to anime lovers. They now start finding clues of season 2 which is seriously un-predicted. It is also a question that who is going to director the episodes in order and in which way. So just hold tight for more updates on 18if Season 2, which will be updated by official sources. Haruto will be seen in love Lily and he even tires to get her out with him. There are many predictions made on story of 18if Season 2 but they are not clear until it is released.

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Summing the whole story 18if Anime Season 2 Will is released on October 2018, so wait for exact release date news which will be released by official account and will fall around above said date. For more updates on 18if Anime and other popular anime bookmark our site.

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